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Our Process

STEP 1: Questionnaire

Before becoming a client, you’ll need to fill out the questionnaire. This helps give us a better idea of the scope of the project and your needs. We will then schedule a FREE 30 minute phone call where we can discuss any further details and your questionnaire. No obligation and super simple.

STEP 2: Consultation Meeting

If we seem like a good fit, then we can move forward and schedule an in-home consultation or zoom meeting. We visit you in your space and discuss your vision and needs. We access your space, take photos and collect all necessary information in order to understand the full scope of work so that we can create an accurate and personalized quote

STEP 3: Contract

After the consultation, we will send a quote for work along with a contract. In order to get started, 50% of the Design Fee must be paid and the contract signed and returned.

STEP 4: Planning

We revisit your space to take measurements and complete pictures of the space. We’ll bring color, texture and fabric samples to start formulating a design plan. We’ll review your mood boards, inspirational material and furniture ideas from the Lush Designs Catalog.

STEP 5: Design Phase

Here is the exciting part, we help you finalize colors choices, materials, paint/wallpaper, flooring, lighting, fixtures, and start making furniture selection. We go over budget sheets and finalize buying requirements.

STEP 6: Spatial Planning

We love a Big Reveal! But you’re not going to be surprised because you'll be approving our custom made 2D and 3D models along the way. See your designs and new furniture layout out in exact measurements and take a virtual tour with our 3D software.

STEP 7: Project Management

Time to place all purchase orders and schedule professional services for any renovation work. This is where everything comes together and your designs start to become a reality. We manage every aspect of this transformation and keep in constant communication on the progress. The final design step is selecting the decor, plants and finishing touches that ties it all together.

STEP 8: Big Reveal

On delivery day of any large furniture order, we’ll be there to receive it and double check the order is correct. Once everything ordered has been delivered, we do a final installation, staging and professional photography session. All upholstery furniture ordered with our manufacturers comes with a 2 year warranty and all carpentry pieces have a 1 year warranty.

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Your answers will help us gain a better understanding of your design goals, expectations and other details of your project. The more detailed information you provide, the easier it will be for us to get started and ensure your project vision is achieved.

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1 About the Project

  1. What do you need our help with?

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How fast do you want the project to be delivered?

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About the Space

Let’s go over the details of the space


Who is going to be using this space?This question is required.*

Describe what the use of the space will be and name any important lifestyle elements that you would like included.


How do you want the space to feel?This question is required.*

For example, do you want to be surrounded by plants so you feel like you’re in the jungle? Soft textures so you feed cozy? Use adjectives to help us understand the mood you like.


Do you need remodeling or professional services such as painting, electrical, general contracting?


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Do you own any items that need to be incorporated into the design?

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Do you have Floor Plans with exact dimensions?This question is required.*

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About You

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What colors do you prefer?This question is required.*

Color palette will be determined once your space is accessed, we design with the whole picture scenario and not just favorite color choices. This question helps us determine the color direction.

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Individual Room Option


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